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Maria - God - Joseph

I shot this triptych in Mohéli an island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa.

I was humbled by the beauty of it’s nature and the people.

Project about Dogs and Humans

Over the years I have started taking pictures of dogs and people, trying to dipict our deep relationship. This project is a work in progress, here you can see a little selection.


I studied photography in Milan in 1998/99, the city of fashion. I loved to use B&W polaroids and experimenting with it. There is no digital interference in this photos all the effects where created by cutting the polaroid open, interupting the developing process, layering one photo on top of the next etc. What I loved most in this process, was that you couldn't controll it, a lot of unexpected things occour in the process, that's wonderfull.


Street Photography